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About Stella Maris

Stella Maris translates to Our Lady, Star of the Sea. Stella Maris is an ancient title for the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is seen as a "guiding star" on our way to Christ. We call on Stella Maris to intercede as a guide and protector.

The purpose of this resource is to help guide us to live a life that is pointed towards Christ. There are times when we are misdirected and take a detour on our journey; but if ask our guide to help us, we will always find our way back.


Jaime Miller


Hello! Thank you for visiting Stella Maris! God has been nudging me over the last few years that I am meant to serve others. It took me until now to understand what exactly I was to provide. I went from exploring owning a Catholic gift and bookstore, to writing a blog, to creating a bible study for women and couples, to this. It is true that nothing is impossible and when you think it is, just remember the Eucharist. 

I want this space to be a resource for you to grow in your relationship with God. The format of this site will evolve over time, but always know that each piece is meant for you. As you visit this site, know that I have been praying for you, yes, you! 

My journey started when I was born. There was an intricate plan being laid out from that day forward. A plan that only could happen because God loved me. Maybe someday I will write my story here, but for now, I leave you to explore what Stella Maris has to offer. 

a faithful servant, Jaime

Guest Blogger

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Guest Blogger

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